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Louise Mitchell, of Take My Word, specialises in helping clients convey messages persuasively and authentically. Clarity of purpose, coherence of content and rapport with speakers and audiences alike, underpin Louise’s coaching style.

If you need group or individual speaker and presentation coaching to help you and your staff convey messages and tell stories with influence and credibility, you have found the right person. Every client gets individual attention and programmes are tailored to match your objectives.


Louise has over 30 years’ experience in business-to-business communication and training. This gives her the competitive edge to help you with both the content you develop as well as the manner in which you deliver it. Focus areas include investment and business pitching, as well as executive presentations for the boardroom, the stage, video or online events. Louise helps speakers develop distinctive messages and deliver them with conviction for all occasions.


Teamwork builds strength. For brand and presentation design, Louise collaborates with experienced visual marketer Natalie White of wildmustard.co.za. Expert combining of words, visuals and speaker delivery, results in effective messaging that uses supporting media to your best advantage.

Louise has worked successfully with beginners through to seasoned executives. This equips her with the versatility to coach speakers to achieve excellence – whether they are pitching in a boardroom, speaking on a stage or into a video camera.


Since the launch of Take My Word in 2008, Louise has grown her business and trusted reputation entirely via word-of-mouth. Read below to find out what others have to say.

Take My Word - Pitch Coaching by Louise Mitchell


"Thank you, Louise, for training our staff to prepare amazing pitch presentations. Your professionalism, support and understanding of the dynamics of the presentation process made a profound difference to our success. I’m delighted to let you know that we received extremely positive feedback and have you to thank for that."